Angolan Defense Ministry Reports Congolese Air, Ground Attacks on Cabinda
Text of communiqué issued
by the Angolan Defense ministry

Angolan government radio on 12th October

The Ministry of Defense wishes to inform the public that since the start of the domestic conflict in the Republic of Congo there have been several violations of Angolan airspace and infiltrations from Congolese territory into Angola's Cabinda Province by forces of various origins and strengths, though with the same goal in mind.

Meanwhile, as of 29th September 1997, the violations led to deliberate air and ground attacks against civilians and units of the National Police and Armed Forces stationed along the Angolan territory's border area. The attacks, which were stepped up and caused several wounded and dead, as well as material losses, have reached dangerously aggressive proportions.

In view of this situation, the Defense Ministry wishes it to be known that, in view of national security requirements, the Angolan Armed Forces reserve the right to adopt pertinent measures to curb the attacks against the Republic of Angola by forces from the Republic of Congo.

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